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A pioneer in dentistry in India

Academic Background

Graduated in Dentistry with Distinction from the University of Mumbai. Masters in Orthodontics from the University of Illinois, U.S.A. Has done his M.Sc.D. and D.D.P.H. in Public Dental Health from the University of London and the Royal College of Surgeons, London, U.K. Received "Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)" from International Open University at Copenhagen Denmark.

Been in private practice for the past 45 years in a practice limited to Orthodontics and has treated innumerable patients. Dr. Keki Mistry is in a group practice along with his son Dr. Rushitum - an Orthodontist and daughter Dr. Saiesha -an Endodontist and Cosmetic Dentist.

Awards and Achievements

  • One of the first dental specialists to bring the concept of Orthodontics and specialty dentistry to India.
  • In 1999, he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for Clinical Competence by the Indian Orthodontic Society.
  • Consultant to the Indian Armed Forces Medical Services.
  • Consultant - Oral Health Expert - World Health Organization.
  • Was the Originator of the First WHO Oral Health Day.
  • Dr. Mistry has headed many Dental Institutions and has been President of almost all Dental Organizations in India.
  • Past President of the Indian Dental Association at both the State and National Level.
  • Founder Member and Past President of the Indian Orthodontic Society.
  • Past President of the Asian Pacific Dental Federation (FDI).
  • Past President - International College of Dentists (India & Sri Lanka Section).
  • Past President - Zoroastrian Dental Organization
  • First Chairman of the Special Committee for Oral Health Promotion of the World Dental Body, Federation Dentaire International.
  • Former Professor and Head of Orthodontics at Govt. Dental College and Hospital, Mumbai.
  • Former Consultant - Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai.
  • Consultant - Parsee General Hospital, Mumbai.
  • Professor Emeritus at the Govt. Dental College and Hospital, Mumbai.
  • Former Dean DYP Dental College and Hospital, New Mumbai
  • Director DYP Dental College and Hospital, New Mumbai and Member Managing Council Medical and Dental DYP Deemed University.
  • President of the Rotary Club of Bombay North 1900-2000.
  • Assistant Governor - Rotary International Dist 3140 (02-03).
  • Assistant Trainer - Rotary International Dist 3140 (04-05).
  • District Secretary - Rotary International Dist. 3140 (05-06).

Dr. Mistry has been the recipient of several National and International Awards

  • Awarded National Gold Medal and B. C. Roy Award for Medico-Social Relief Work in India - 1984
  • Best Citizens Award by the National Council of Metro Citizens 1991.
  • Hind Gaurav Award - 1993 by AIAC, New Delhi.
  • Asian Pacific Dental Federation Award in 1994 for Originating the concept of the year of Oral Health - 1994.
  • Bharat Udyog Award on 16th July 1994 by Shri Krishan Kumar Union Minister of Non-Conventional Energy Services and Agriculture, for outstanding health work amongst industrial workers,
  • Vikas Ratan Award - 1994 from Shri M, Veerappa Molly Chief Minister of Karnataka for enriching Human Values.
  • Indian Dental Association Bombay Brave award for Meritorious Service to Dentistry 1994 and 1996.
  • "Mother India International Award" in 1995 at the 16th International Conference of Indian and Non-Resident Indians
  • The Dental Students Appreciation Award for outstanding guidance and cooperation in 1993, 1996 and 1997.
  • The 1997 appreciation Award at the World Congress on Orthodontics.
  • The Outstanding Personality Award 1998 from the Management Studies promotion Institute New Delhi.
  • The Best Citizen of India Award 1998 - International publishing house New Delhi.
  • Achiever of the Millennium Award from AICC New Delhi India.
  • Gold Medal and Doctor of the Millennium Award in 2000 from Indian council of Management.
  • The Rotary 2000 - Millennium Rotary Award from Rotary International District 3140.
  • The "List of Honour" award from the Asian Pacific Dental Federation in 2001 (the highest Award of the Federation).
  • 21st Century Award for Achievement in Orthodontics from IBC-Cambridge England

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