Ami Mehra

Do you have a fear of Dentists?? Fear not !! I was terrified of dentists after my many many failed visits to dentists, I had multiple issues with my teeth from root canal cavities, bleeding gums, and infected Gums which caused my teeth to shake and teeth that were protruding and overlapping one another, in short, my mouth was in a mess there was not one thing that was okay. I had given up trying to fix my teeth as every visit from dentists to the dentist made my situation worse!! It was traumatic and I had resigned myself to losing all my teeth after all I had been through that was an easier option. Till I was introduced to Dr. Mistry’s Dental Clinic. Dr. Saiesha Mistry and Dr. Rushitum Mistry. Whatever I may say about them and their team will not be enough. Firstly I completely lost my fear of dentists and dental treatment. I love my dentists they systematically fixed all my issues step by step over 3 years!! ( That is how dire my situation was) Today I have the most beautiful set of strong teeth and a confident flashing smile thanks to them. They handled all this with no pain no trauma I miss not seeing my dentists and am happy to go for my checkups as often as I am expected to. I highly recommend them to everyone. I feel blessed to have found them and know my dental issues are in the best hands.