Feroza Chavda

When you enter the Mistry Centre, you are greeted by a few merry fish swimming in the aquarium opposite the door.

Once you have registered your presence, it’s time to browse through a range of magazines or even have a cup of their delicious coffee or tea!

The staff here – the doctors, the receptionists, and support staff are all very pleasant and friendly. Kainaz the Clinic coordinator makes sure everything runs like clockwork. Smiley and ready for a quick chat before resuming her duties, it is a pleasure to interact with her.
Shabana the receptionist pleasantly greets you, coordinates appointments, and makes sure you are attended to. In the over 5 years that I have been their patient, it has been a pleasure to meet them, exchange pleasantries, and update each other on how our respective families are doing.

I have experienced Dr. Saiesha with her light hand, great concern, and expertise working on my cavities and crowns.

Dr. Rushitum with patience, expertise, and accuracy has worked on a couple of my implants which have proved excellent.
I have had a number of root canals done in my lifetime so far by a couple of dentists but have never experienced the magic that is performed by Dr. Gohil at this clinic.

I have braced myself to expect discomfort and have instead had to ask in surprise – we are done!?!

If dentists can be a pleasure to go to, going to this dental clinic certainly is!

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