Namrata Bangera


I noticed a few months back that my smile was changing.

My teeth were drifting apart and the gap between my two front teeth was widening.

I shared my fears with Kainaz Mistry from Dr. Mistry’s Center for Advanced Dentistry, adding that I was petrified of dentists and dental work.

She asked me to visit their clinic just once for a consult and then take a decision after hearing what they have to say.

I must admit, that at the time, my mind was closed. I had absolutely no intention of ever visiting this Clinic or any clinic, for that matter.

I however did start following Dr. Rushitum’s Instagram handle.
And within just 2 weeks of religiously checking out every post, every update, I knew I was ready to take my Leap of Faith.

At my first consult itself, I realized that Dr. Rushitum was going to be more than my orthodontist… he was going to be my tooth mentor.

What was extremely reassuring for me was, that Dr. Rushitum had a plan and I was more than happy to put all my teeth troubles in his able hands… now it was up to him to guide me forward.

He did not let me down.
He started me on small things… like just a couple of cleanup sessions, minor fillings… this was all done by the very competent doctors on their team.

After that, I was introduced to Dr. Saiesha Mistry. My best discovery about her was that she has butterfly hands. She eases you into the session, calms the nerves, the mind, the body… and then the butterfly hands take over. I’d like to think of her as my tooth artist.

I cannot quite tell when she injects me but I know she does as I feel no pain and I see the syringe from time to time.

I have succeeded in snoozing through all her sessions… every single time… and then it is over.

As we stand today, my mouth has already started showing a few well-shaped teeth…a short trailer of what is to unfold in the forthcoming months.

I know that Dr. Rushitum’s plan is good. It evolves organically, taking into account unforeseen challenges and circumventing them successfully.

I feel reassured because my entire case is being handled by a team of leading dentists, from different branches of dentistry… all under one roof, with the latest equipment, backed by a well-trained team of assistants and support staff.

I’ve seen them invest time and patience. I’ve seen them give me personalized care.

But for me, the biggest reason why I will keep coming back to this clinic is because of their bedside manner… which is par excellence!

And I have Kainaz to thank for it… for being my counselor… my tooth buddy… my go-to person and for leading me here.

None of this would’ve happened had she not briefed all my doctors well in advance… had she not been ahead with her meticulous preplanning every step of the way……giving me the much-needed support to rediscover my smile!

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