Tina Bedi

For as far back as I can remember I have been afraid of the dentist.

I used to skip going by telling my mom I had a tummy ache or a headache and finally, she caught on. My dentist was the kind you see in the movies. An elderly gentleman who is clinical and doesn’t have time for you. One that makes you feel as though you are an inconvenience rather than any form of a human being. After he would finish drilling my jaws would hurt and he would say “good job” and shove a lollipop on my hand and I would be on my way.

This was what going for the dentist has pretty much been for me my whole adult life as well sans lollipop. That is until I met Dr. Saiesha and her family.

Dr. Saiesha and Dr. Rushitum have taken the word dentist to mean kind caring and respectful. Words I never thought I would use in the same sentence as a dentist, for sure! They both take their time to understand you, take into consideration your fears, and calm your nerves to a point where you almost feel like you are about to enter a spa.
They handle pain management with such ease and make sure that you are comfortable. They explain everything they will be doing to you as they do it, and stop to ask if you are ok. I mean you really can’t get better than this!

Since I started my journey with them over a decade ago, I have done my root canals (painless) and Invisalign with them. I have had extractions (painless) and cleanings done by booking them myself!
Gone are the days of getting nervous and making up excuses. They have changed the way I smile and boosted my confidence to another level. Thank you Dr. Saiesha and Dr. Rushitum and the whole team for making me believe that tooth fairies may not be real but you come real close.

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