Nishita Patwardhan

Words can’t express my gratitude to Dr. Saiesha Mistry who treats this 46-year-old scared patient like a 5-year-old one! She gets my “extreme & severe” paranoia of being in a dental chair and my phobia for any kind of needle !!! She has a way of treating me to minimize my fear where no needles are visible, an assistant’s hand is always on call to squeeze the hell out of, and some calming travel notes to chitter-chatter about to calm my nerves! Over the years she has gained my trust 200% and even helped me develop a wee bit of courage and strength with her patient and gentle care. What I like the most is she talks me through each procedure and her next step, makes sure I’m comfortable with it, and then proceeds – nothing feels rushed or at a pace, I’m not comfortable with! I won’t trust another dentist anywhere near my teeth and I have small panic attacks when Saiesha travels but she is always just a phone call away for her most paranoid patient! (I feel for her with the world of pain an appointment with me probably entails but she has always been sweet about it )

The clinic has a happy familiar buzz to it with a good selection of magazines I might add! If it was left to me, as much as I love Dr. Saiesha I won’t get down to schedule an appointment unless I was dying of pain but with persistent Kainaz, Shabana, and team following up with regular reminders for clean-ups and check-ups – I gather the courage to go in after their 5th call!

Won’t go anywhere else for sure.

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