Pamela O’leary

I first visited Saiesha’s clinic some 20 years ago following a really botched job on my teeth by a local dentist. I was recommended by the British Deputy High Commissioner and it was the best recommendation I have ever received. Not only did Saiesha totally sort the issues I had (and these were quite major), but she did so in a way that completely restored my faith and trust in dentistry! Since then I have been going to her on a regular basis, initially whilst living in Bombay but now I fly back especially from the UK to have my teeth dealt with, even for the simplest of procedures.

I must also mention Rushitum, Saiesha’s brother who runs the orthodontic section of the practice. When I first met him, I tentatively asked him about straightening my front teeth. I use the word “tentatively” as I had been advised in the UK that the only way to sort my front teeth was to have two extractions which I was not willing to do. Rushitum straight away put my mind at ease and in a year my teeth were straight and I had NO extraction. Since then he has continually monitored my progress and made whatever tweaks were required to ensure good maintenance of my perfectly straight set of teeth. I was thrilled with his work.

There are a number of things that make the Mistry Clinic stand out. Saiesha remains at the cutting edge of the profession. She continually attends courses, lectures, etc (globally) to ensure she is up to date with all the latest techniques and procedures and she is herself a notable lecturer. The Clinic continues to invest in state of the art equipment and technology, always maintaining the highest standards. Most importantly, Saiesha and all of her team show great care and attention to each of their patients. Everything is thoroughly explained which takes away the patient’s fear and anxiety.

I have absolute trust in everything that Saiesha does for me as I am confident that she never recommends any course of treatment unless it is necessary or beneficial to me. Now I would not dream of letting anyone else deal with my teeth, as when you have experienced the best, only the best will do!

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